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Hyper-links information contained here primarily obtained from PC Magazine and Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii.  There are gathered here to assist people seeking pictures and artwork.  Hyper-links are also provided to benefit artist, photographers, web developers & other graphics professionals.  There are also links related to Hawaii near the bottom of this page.

Artwork Hyperlinks

To browse, search and buy stock photographs and artwork from multiple websites instead of visiting each site separately, go to  This site actually searches the royalty free collections of six websites simultaneously.  The web sites that it searches are,,,,, and  

For those with deeper pockets and those who desire more exclusive images go to website.  This site is a portal to more traditional licensed images.  Art libraries accessible from it include All Sports Concepts, The Bridgerman Art Library, Hulton Getty, The Image Bank, and Tony Stone.  At this site royalties are charged based on usage.

Animations, video footage and illustrations are also available from sites like: and from  Also see for fabulous 35mm Alaska footage (whales, eagles, glaciers, northern lights and scenery).

Two of the largest stock photography collections are available at: Comstock Images and FPG International  These web sites have both royalty free and rights protected images.

Hyperlinks for Artist

You can easily and economically display your artwork on the web.  The following online portfolio services are great: is free and offers a search engine to help others find your work. provides a free Java based portfolio service that prevents people from ripping off your online artwork.

The Graphic Artist Guild will let you put ten pictures up on the web for free.  This is provided you pay a low $10 per month membership fee.

Protect your images (music and video too) from unauthorized usage with digital watermarks.  Digimarc ( provides Photoshop compatible plug-ins.  MediaSec Technologies ( also provides digital watermarks.  Both these companies provide that spiders that will search the internet to check for copyright infringement.

Hyperlinks for Photographers

Win big time, up to $1,000 per month, if your photos win at: Online Photo Contest highly recommended.

PhotoReflect.Com is a stock photo service.  Here professional photographers can easily set up their own internet web site and then automatically sell their photos online.  The first year of membership is free, its a great value.  This is also a great place to shop for stock pictures.  This site's online ordering facilities make for quick order fulfillment.

Want to sell your pictures online. is an amateur stock photo service.  Here you can make some money with still shots and digital video footage. is considering starting up a similar service.

For those with Sony Mavica cameras the following resources are available:,, and

Photographers can purchase pages in stock photo catalogs and on CDs at places like Direct Stock,, and Stock Workbook,  These agencies allow the buyers directly contact the photographer for licensing images and negotiate fees.  The Stock Connection,, is an agency that represents over 140 photographers.  They provide a print catalog, CD-ROM or online viewing.  They also work with duplicates, negotiate the sale, handle delivery and billing, then pay the photographer 65% of the licensing fee.

The latest development in stock photo sales is online cooperative agencies.  These were founded by professional photographers to help photographers market their stock photographs.  These agencies negotiate the fees and deliver the image electronically.  In Great Britain there is British Speed Pix,, and Neofoto, in Los Angeles.  The photographer must provide these agencies the film or high resolution digital files of the images.

Outdoor Photographer is a wonderful magazine for those interested in nature photography.  Scenery, wildlife, travel and sports are covered by this publication.

PC Photo is a magazine gives excellent picture taking tips.  It is also great for keeping abreast on latest advancements in digital photography.

See our Hawaii photographs books page for more wonderful pictures and other information about Hawaii.


Web Development Hyperlinks

The following sources provide free online animated GIF banner software, for a simple text message: Adobe and

Free online GIF and JPEG optimization software are available at: GIFWorks! and Spinware

Download various robust Java applets that do image edge treatments, check for prepress errors and adjust the color balance of scanned images. To obtain these applets go to

Blue Dolphin Networks offers affordable web hosting services for Hawaii residents.  They also offer web and graphics design services and technical writing services.

Visit Our Sponsors

Advanced Technology Associates Hawaii - Web Site Development, Promotion, Computer Graphics, Digitial Photography, Computer Aided Drafting and Software Tutoring Services

Hawaii Marine Company - Hawaii Marine provides naval architecture, boat and yacht design, marine engineering, computer aided engineering and drafting, marine expert witness, stability testing, extensive technical reports and marine digital photography services.  These services include form, stability and marine structural analysis.  Specialties include helping others obtain USCG & ABS certification for all types of commercial, private & public vessels.  NAVIC 10-92 services are available to expedite submittals made to the USCG.

Hawaii Marine Company

Hawaii Marine Company

Brian's Professional Web Site

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

CWR Hawaii, Inc. - This firm houses the largest rigging, cordage and webbing inventory in the Hawaiian Islands.  This firm is a cost effective and quality source for the material handling needs of Hawaii and the Central Pacific Basin They sell wire rope, rigging supplies, cordage,  webbing, chain, and other material handling supplies, accessories and equipment.  Their services include wire rope sling fabrication, wire rope and load cell testing and certification, webbing assembly fabrication, chain sling fabrication, cordage splicing, manual, mechanical and electrical hoist and winch repairs.

The Phoenician, LLC -  The Phoenician LLC is the largest boat and yacht repair facility in Hawaii.  This firm has a 80 ton travellinb boat hoist and supported by machine, welding, wood, pipefitting, electrical/electronic, rigging, blasting and painting shops.

Wiseco Development Corporation, Kapolei, Oahu - Hawaii's Premier Choice for ICF, Insulating Concrete Forms Homes Construction, Hawaii General Contractor for Home / Home Additions, Hawaii General Contractor for Condominium, Apartment, and House Remodels (Home Upgrades including Kitchens and Bathrooms), Insulated Concrete Form Supplier for Hawaii and the Pacific Islands, Oahu Hawaii Contractor for New Green Home (House) Construction (including Insulated Concrete Form Construction) IntegraSpec Insulating Concrete Forms Supplier and Contractor for Guam, Hawaii Contractor Specializing in ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Construction.

IntegraSpec - Hawaii Product Distributor, Makakilo, Hawaii, this cutting edge ICF construction materials line produces comfortable, econmomical and environmentally friendly homes

Full Service Kitchen Remodeling obtainable from Leeward Oahu Hawaii General Contractor

Never Green Pools Hawaii - Pool, spa, solar and salt water system services including maintenance and repair, serving all Oahu including Windward and Leeward Oahu, as well as all of Honolulu, Mililani, North Shore & Hawaii-Kai.

Kauai Outdoor Adventures & Tours - Kauai North Side Tour, West Kauai Waimea Canyon Tour, Canoe or Kayaking Adventure Tour, Kauai Island Snorkeling Tours & Optional (Special or Customized) Kauai Outdoor Adventures & Tours in Japanese


Hyperlinks on Hawaii

All kinds of information about Hawaii available at:

Real Hawaii Tours - Get a taste of Hawaiian culture while getting taking in the breadth taking scenery and marine life off the Waianae Coast of Oahu.

Wild Side Specialty Tours - Dolphin, whale and turtle encounters in the pristine waters off of Oahu's Waianae Coast, ecotourism at its best.

Marine Life Photography - underwater photography of tropical reef fish, marine mammals, coral reefs, seabirds and seaweeds

BIG ISLAND - The Big Island of Hawaii with its warm tropical beaches and snow capped Mauna Kea (13,796 feet) is a vacationers paradise.  Volcanoes still erupt here.

KAUAI - Is called "the Garden Island."  It is the oldest of the major islands in the island chain.  Magnificent white sand beaches, the vast Waimea Canyon, the Fern Grotto, Wailua Falls and green mountains are some of the attractions this islands visitors.

MAUI - The term "Maui no ka Oi" greets you at the airport.  It means "Maui is the Best."  This island has perfect beaches, wonderful golf courses, Haleakala National Park, waterfalls, world class dive spots and lots more.

OAHU - This island has the cosmopolitan metropolis of Honolulu.  Here you will find Diamond Head, Waikiki, Pearl Harbor, Haunama Bay and many other attractions.  But the island also boast some of the best scenery in the state.  The gorgeous mountains and forests, fantastic beaches, and the parks are wonderful attractions that any visitor would enjoy.

Sports Related Resources

Alaska Halibut Fishing Trips, Expect a fishing vacation where we will not have to settle for anything less!  Superior customer service, a warm and inviting atmosphere.  The ultimate Alaska experience at an all-inclusive lodge.

Sports Momorabilia Where America shops for sports collectables and memorabilia including NFL, NCAA, MLB merchandise.  We have a vast selection of 20,000 products.


Multi-Service Hyperlinks provides listings for web developers, public relations experts, copywriters, flash designers, photographers and illustrators.  This service is international.

Moving companies: Worldwide moving companies directory and moving guide.

Candidates running on a pro-life, pro-family and budget accountability platform

  1. For candidates in Hawaii and for the entire nation go to the following website:



Featured Pictures


Helpful Links

We gathered together some helpful links designed to further help people looking for photographs and artwork.  Also to assist artist, photographers and web developers in promoting and aiding their work.  Click here to go to the hyperlinks page.



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